Sunday, November 16, 2014

~Contest : Dream Trip To Macau~

Teks : Fyda Adim / Nuffnang
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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Bismillah.

Selamat petang semua. Siapa yang dapat jemputan di emel daripada pihak Nuffnang untuk menyertai peraduan ini? Aku salah seorang yang menerima kiriman emel daripada pihak Nuffnang. Jadi aku mahu kongsikan serba sedikit tentang peraduan ini. Pada sesiapa yang berminat bolehlah mencubanya. Mana tahu jika rezeki menyebelahi kalian.

Mari aku titipkan serba sedikit latar belakang berkenaan peraduan ini. Jangan ada yang terlepas pandang pada syarat-syarat yang telah ditetapkan.

api (2)The Blog Contest
1)       Write a blog post with the title – Dream Trip to Macau
2)      In your blog post, let us know the Three Most Amazing Things that makes you want to visit Macau and why we should send you for this superb opportunity
3)      Check out Macau Government Tourist Office’s official website and official Facebook page for more information. Don’t forget to place interesting visuals to describe your love for Macau, you are also welcomed to utilize pictures from your past visits to Macau in your write up too!
4)      Include a shout out and link back to Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia
5)      Post your published blog post URL in the comment section of this blog post once you are done with your masterpiece by 23rd November 2014 (Sunday) 11:59PM
6)      Feel free to share your blog post on social media and tag #MYMacau, @NuffnangMY (Twitter), @Nuffnang (Instagram/Facebook)
All glory to Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), the 3 Nuffnangers with the Most Interesting Blog Postswill be flying to Macau to experience a 3D2N all expenses paid holiday (including return air ticket and 2 nights accommodation at a 4-star hotel).
What are you waiting for Nuffnangers, we are all set to read what you have to say about Macau!
Contest Terms & Conditions
  1. This blog contest is open to participation from Nuffnang Malaysia bloggers only
  1. Bloggers are welcomed to
    • Write the blog post in English OR Malay language
    • Submit as many entries as they like by writing unique blog posts; however, a blogger is only eligible to win 1 prize
  2. Contest Entries will be disqualified in any of the following cases
    • Blog Post URL is not valid and accessible by public
    • Blogger removes contest entry from the blog
    • Blogger fails to follow contest criteria
    • Content of blog post are plagiarised
  3. To complete the contest submission, Nuffnangers need to publish their blog post and comment their Blog URL in this blog announcement. Deadline for publishing of blog post and comment on this blog post is 23rd November 2014 (Sunday) 11:59PM.
  4. Winners are required to:
    • Share their experiences on social media platform (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) during the trip
    • Blog about your travelogue in Macau
    • Travel during stipulated period determined by organizer of the contest
  5. This contest is hosted by Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO), judges’ decisions are final and organizer reserves the right to alter contest mechanics without prior notice.
  6. Winners will be announced on 1st December 2014 (Monday) on Nuffnang’s official blog and social media, winners will be contacted via email.
  7. Winners to make the booking by 15th December 2014. Travel period last until 31st March 2015.
Pada sesiapa yang minat untuk melancong jangan ketinggalan untuk menyertai peraduan ini. InsyaAllah aku pun mungkin akan menyertai. Sekadar mencuba nasib. Selamat berjaya!

Aku Penulisnya,


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